About Ettlinger Corporation

Who We Are

The Ettlinger Corporation started off as a Butcher Supply company in Kansas City, Missouri at the beginning of the 20th Century. Since then, we have worked closely with the meat processing industry. In addition, our products are used widely in baking and other food industries.

We have an established record of supplying top quality products and great services backed up with the technical know how. Our aim is to help our customers achieve success in their operations.

Our Mission Statement

To provide our customers with top quality ingredients along with application support to create innovative and custom ingredient solutions.

What we do

We have supplied the meat and other food industries as a manufacturer, distributor and broker for over 100 hundred years. We have the experience and background to meet the challenges and demands you face.

The Ettlinger Corporation carries a wide variety of functional ingredients to help processors achieve targeted results in texture, yield, shelf life, cost reduction and other parameters. Whatever ingredient you need, we can get it to you.

With our network of suppliers, warehouses and distribution, we can meet your time sensitive shipping demands. Increasingly, processors want the functional ingredients blended with their spices and seasonings. We can provide custom spices and seasonings to achieve the ideal flavor and functional system for your product.

What you can do

Tell us your ideas and we’ll create the best product for you. Show us your application and we’ll find the product to make it work. Discuss with us processing issues and we’ll resolve them with technical help and ingredients.