Anti-Microbials Food Ingredients

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Antimicrobials are widely used throughout the meat, bakery, snack and pet food industry to achieve safer and higher quality products for consumers.  Antimicrobials have many unique features that can help improve the quality of the product and protect it from harmful microbes and pathogens.  These antimicrobials not only help protect the product and extend shelf life, but several are also natural or can offer a clean label.

The Ettlinger Corporation carries a wide variety of Product lines from Corbion such as OptiForm, Purasal, Purac, and Verdad product.  Corbion is the global market leader in lactic acid and lactic acid derivatives. Our antimicrobial are certified in the following:

  • GRAS (21 CFR 170.36)
  • Kosher Certification
  • Halal Certification
  • BRC Certification

For over 100 years we have been uncompromising in our commitment to safety, quality and performance.

Benefits of Anti-Microbials

Our Antimicrobials are Gluten free and Non-GMO. They also provide many benefits including but not limited to:

  • Listeria Control
  • Purge Control/Water binding
  • Mold Control
  • Increase safety
  • Taste enhancement/Limited impact
  • Extend shelf life
  • Improved color stability
  • Surface decontamination
  • Reduce cost
  • Naturally made/ Clean label
  • Sodium reduction
  • Microbiological stability
  • Inhibit spoilage organisms

Anti-Microbial Markets

With our wide variety of antimicrobials combined with our experienced staff, we will be able to meet whatever your market needs are. Our Antimicrobial are used in a wide range of markets including:

  • Meat
  • Fish
  • Sauces
  • Poultry
  • Confectionary

Ettlinger Corporation offers a large variety of Antimicrobials for companies to improve on protecting their product.  As the markets get more and more competitive we have the ingredients to push your product functionalities to the top. Contact us today to learn more!



Verdad© Vinegars (Natural)

Verdad© N5

Verdad© Powder N6

Verdad© N8

Verdad© N9

Verdad© Fermented Blends (Clean label)

Verdad© N15

Verdad© N16

Verdad© N64

Verdad© OptiPowder N60

Verdad© OptiPowder N70

Verdad© OptiPowder N80

Verdad© OptiPowder XM10

Verdad© Avanta© Vinegar Blends (natural)

Verdad© Avanta© Y100

Verdad© Avanta© F100

Verdad© Avanta© C100

Opti Form© Low Cost in Use

Opti Form© Ace P10

Opti Form© Ace P37

Opti Form© Ace P40

Opti Form© Powder Ace S61

Opti Form© Market Leaders

Opti Form© SD4

Opti Form© SD4 Ultra

Opti Form© PD4

Opti Form© PD4 Ultra

Opti Form© PD Plus

Opti Form© Lite 4

Opti Form© Powder

Purasal© Lactates

Purasal© S

Purasal© Powder S100

Purasal© HiPure P

Purasal© HiPure P Plus

Purac© and Puracet©

Purac© FCC 88

Purac© CL 21/80


Additionally we carry several other anti-microbial and shelf life extension products not listed above.