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Indulging in Frozen Delights

Frozen Desserts Ingredients Supplier

The Ettlinger Corporation is dedicated to the Frozen Dessert ingredients industry with products that infuse health, taste, and innovation. Our offerings bring a plethora of benefits, from providing guilt-free indulgence to catering to various dietary needs and promoting sustainable practices. We're a leading frozen dessert ingredient supplier providing the highest-quality products for your specific frozen dessert needs.

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Products for the Health and Frozen Dessert Market

At The Ettlinger Corporation, we have made it our mission to combine the joys of delicious frozen desserts with the goodness of health and wellness. Our carefully curated range of products for the Frozen Dessert market is designed to provide unparalleled benefits to manufacturers in the industry. Here are the key highlights of our frozen dessert ingredients and the advantages they bring to certain market segments:

  • Gives a light fluffy texture with excellent whipping properties and overrun
  • Reduces ice crystal formation and improves melting resistance
  • Imparts non-curdly, clean meltdown, and prevents whey separation
  • Provides a fast hydrating stabilizer system with excellent whey-off control
  • Induces fine ice crystal formation and good shape retention property
  • Imparts desirable consistency and mouthfeel
  • Retains product structural properties during melting
  • Improves heat shock property and melting resistance
  • Provides homogeneity and uniform flavor release
  • Imparts product chewiness and smoothness
  • Induces fine ice crystal formation 

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We pride ourselves on our qualified sales staff that will do all they can in meeting all our customer's Frozen Dessert needs. We provide exceptional support, dependability, quality service, and flexibility. Contact us today to learn more about our dessert jellies industry ingredients!

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Ettlinger Corporation supplies a wide range of food additive ingredients for a variety of markets. We supply food additive ingredients with many unique features that can help improve the quality of the product.

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