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Lamda Carrageenan Supplier

The three main types of carrageenan found in red seaweeds are kappa, iota, and lambda. Lambda Carrageenan food additives are only used as a thickener as it does not form a gel. It is the least commonly found or utilized in commercial applications. As a lambdacarrageenan supplier, Ettlinger Corporation provides high-quality carrageenan products for your food ingredient needs.

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Applications for Lamda Carrageenan

Lambda carrageenan is primarily used in the food industry as a stabilizer and thickening agent. It is particularly useful in applications where high-viscosity texture and suspension properties are desired. Some key characteristics and uses of lambda carrageenan include:

Lambda carrageenan is used in dairy products such as chocolate milk, where it helps prevent the separation of cocoa particles from the milk. It can also be employed in other dairy-based beverages and creamers to maintain a smooth and stable texture.

In frozen desserts like ice cream and sorbets, lambda carrageenan helps enhance the texture and prevent the formation of ice crystals, resulting in a smoother and creamier product.

Lambda carrageenan is used as a thickening agent in sauces, gravies, and dressings, providing a desirable texture and improving stability.

While less common than other types of carrageenan, lambda carrageenan has been studied for potential pharmaceutical applications, such as controlled drug release formulations.

Lambda carrageenan can act as an emulsifier, helping to stabilize oil-in-water emulsions in certain food products.

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