Bulk Natamycin Powder Supplier

Ettlinger is a natamycin supplier of three key blends of bulk natamycin powder that can be used as a natural mold inhibitor and food preservative for dairy industry applications.

The Ettlinger Corporate stocks bulk natamycin powder, also known as Natamycin (E235), that can be used as a bio-preservative mostly utilized in the dairy industry for cheese and yogurts to prevent the growth of mold and yeasts to extend shelf life. It is a natural antifungal agent commonly found in soil, which is then extracted and subjected to a crystallization and drying process.

Natamycin has been tested and approved for use as a mold inhibitor for food by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Canada Health, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), World Health Organization (WHO), Joint Expert Committee of Food Additives (JECFA) and more.

The Ettlinger Corporation is a natamycin supplier that offers three different blends of bulk natamycin powder to help you prevent food spoilage from the beginning to the end of the food manufacturing process and add weeks to your product’s shelf life.

Natamycin Key Blends

• Purified (>95%)
• 50% Natamycin 50% Lactose
• 50% Natamycin 50% Salt

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Benefits of Natamycin

There are many benefits to using bulk natamycin powder in food products including but not limited to:

• Tasteless, odorless – will not affect the taste, color, or appearance of food
• Effective at low doses
• Suitable for acidic, neutral, and alkaline foods
• Prevents harmful molds without interfering with bacterial fermentation processes for cheese, fermented milk products, or sausages
• Prevents food spoilage and reduces food waste
• Suitable for the claim “free from artificial flavors and preservatives”
• A natural and safe mold inhibitor

Natamycin Applications

Natamycin can be utilized as a mold inhibitor for food for the following applications:

• Cheese
Ham and Dry Sausage
Un-yeast fermented baked goods
• Fruit/vegetable juice
• Wine

A cheese and dried meat board with a glass of wine. Ettlinger Corp's blends of bulk natamycin powder can be used as a natural food preservative for these products.

The Ettlinger Corporation carries a large variety of shelf-life extension products to meet all your specific ingredient needs. Contact one of our specialists for more information!