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natural sodium reduction

Salona® Sea Salt Supplier

Salona® low sodium sea salt is a natural mineral that is an effective ingredient for the replacement of salt in food and beverage products. Salt is a critical ingredient used in most food products for flavor enhancement, preservation, and other functions. The need to reduce our sodium intake has created a need for innovative ingredients to be used in reduced sodium products. Salona low sodium sea salt is a natural sea salt from ICL Food Specialties. It allows for a 25 to 50% replacement of sodium chloride and 100% potassium chloride. Salona is designed to assist manufacturers in meeting consumers’ nutritional, dietary, and taste demands. Salona has an extremely low level of Sodum that allows for sodium replacement while maintaining key functions and properties. 

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Characteristics of Salona® 

Salona® Sea Salt is harvested from a natural source, the Dead Sea in Israel. Processing steps are minimal, limited to drying, sizing, and packaging.

  • Product Description: Salona® Sea Salt
  • Taste: Salty
  • Appearance: White, off-white granular
  • Odor: None
  • Packaging: 50 lb. multiwall bags
  • Shelf-life: 36 months
Salona Sea Salt

Applications for Salona® 

Ettlinger Corporation is a supplier of Salona® Sea Salt, which can be used in food, beverage, and other edible product applications, especially where sodium reduction is desired. It can be used in place of, or blended in various ratios with: sodium chloride, potassium chloride, and/or other sodium chloride replacements, flavor maskers, and flavor enhancers. Typical product applications include:

  • Snacks
  • Soups and sauces
  • Baked goods
  • Cereal/grain foods
  • Dairy products
  • Beverages
  • Meat, poultry and seafood
  • Topical surface treatment
  • Pet food, animal feed
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Benefits of Salona® 

Salona can be used in many food applications as a replacement for up to 50% sodium chloride and as a full replacement for potassium chloride. It is generally substituted as a one for one replacement for sodium chloride and potassium chloride. Due to its unique structure and balance of cations, Salona delivers acceptable flavor in diverse food products. 

In addition to its benefit for sodium reduction, Salona provides both magnesium and potassium for fortification, both key minerals associated with health benefits.

  • Excellent flavor in baked goods
  • No impact on dough mixing and handling
  • Versatility in granulations allows for consistency in bakery mixes
  • Fine to medium granulations suitable for topical applications such as crackers, chips, etc.
  • Excellent flavor in cheese and dairy products
  • Formulation assistance available to optimize end product melt and texture
  • Fully soluble in liquid milk products and beverages
  • Reduces salt up to 50% without impact on finished product characteristics
  • Delivers equivalent yield in processed meats
  • Water activity (aw) same as salt in some applications
  • Stable in emulsions and comminuted products
  • Promotes functional protein extraction
  • Sodium reduction for tomato/vegetable-based beverages and fruit 
  • Provides potassium ions for electrolyte replacement
  • Fully soluble in beverages while providing heart-healthy minerals magnesium and potassium

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