Snack Ingredients Supplier

At The Ettlinger Corporation, we specialize in distributing ingredients for the snack industry. With 100 years of experience,
we understand the importance of high quality ingredients for your snacks. That is one reason that The Ettlinger Corporation
is used and recommended by some of the largest snack manufactures in the United States.

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Snack Ingredients

We have partnered with top ingredient manufacturers to ensure our customers can formulate the snack ingredients they desire.
We supply ingredients that are formulated for a wide range of snack experiences in mind including crunchy, crispy, and
chewy consumers desire.

We carry a complete line of Grain and Starch based products to fill any Snack Extrusion needs. We carry Wheat, Corn, Rice,
Oats, Soy, Potato, Tapioca, and other specialty ancient grains and flours. These ingredients can be used throughout a
variety of applications to achieve optimal results.

Snack Ingredient Applications

Here at The Ettlinger Corporation, our team is experienced in many different applications when it comes to providing
ingredients for the Snack Industry.

Some of these applications include:

  • Extruded Pellet Products
  • Crisps
  • Crackers
  • Energy Bars
  • Cereals Mixes & Bars
  • Nutritional Bars

As a snack ingredients distributor, we pride ourselves on our qualified sales staff that will do all they can in meeting all our customers’ Snack needs. We provide exceptional support, dependability, quality service, and flexibility. Contact us today to learn more!