SUPRO® 515

Product Description

SUPRO® 515 is an isolated soy protein designed to provide texture and emulsion stability to a variety of poultry and other meat products. With its high viscosity and solubility, SUPRO 515 hydrates rapidly and forms heat-stable emulsions. SUPRO 515 emulsifies fat and moisture and contributes to a firm finished product texture.

This product is produced using Solae’s Quality Management System, which is based on sound quality principles intended to ensure the consistency, safety and performance of our products.

Product Chemical Analysis

Moisture Max 6.0% AOAC 925.10
Protein, Dry Basis Min 90.0% AOAC 992.23
Fat, Free (PE Extract) Max 1.0% AOCS Ba 3-38 Oil
Ash Max 5.0% ASTM D1797-62
pH (5% Slurry) 6.9 – 7.4 AOAC 943.02 Modified

Product Microbiological Analysis

Standard Plate Count Max 10,000/g AOAC 925.10
Salmonella (By Test) Negative FDA-BAM 8th Ed.
Coliforms Max 10/g FDA-BAM 8th Ed.
E. coli Max <3/g FDA-BAM 8th Ed.
Yeast and Mold Max 100/g FDA-BAM 8th Ed.

Ingredient Statement

Isolated Soy Protein with Less Than 2% Lecithin


The package label indicates:

  1. Product Name
  2. Ingredient Statement
  3. Name and Address of the Manufacturer
  4. Net Weight of Contents
  5. Identification Code


This product is manufactured in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices for human food products as established under the United States Federal Food, Drugs & Cosmetic Act and/or other applicable requirements.

To assure availability for the customer, product meeting this Product Standard may be supplied from any manufacturing facility of Solae, LLC.

Regulatory Status

USA – Soy proteins are generally recognized as safe (GRAS) based upon 21 CFR 170.30 and/or the use of conventional processing as practiced prior to 1958.

European Union – Soy proteins are accepted food ingredients.

World Health Organization – Soy proteins are approved as a food ingredient under Codex Alimentarius standard for Soy Protein Products Codex Standard 175 and for Vegetable Protein Products Codex Standard 174.


The shelf life of this product is 24 months from the date of manufacture when stored in accordance with these guidelines:

  • Product container integrity maintained.
  • Product stored on pallets, off the floor and out of contact with walls and ceiling.
  • Product stored in an area that is free of strong and objectionable odors.

For best results, it is recommended that this product be stored at an average yearly temperature of less than 23°C (73°F)

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