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Cassava plant bulk tapioca supplier. Tapioca starch is made from the root of the cassava plant. It is a versatile starch that thickens and forms strong gels which provide a firm but tender texture. Although it can be used as flour for baking, it is used as a thickener in a variety of industries. Many of these industries include meat, dairy, bakery, and sauces. Ettlinger Corporation provides a variety of services and is a leading bulk supplier of tapioca starches across the nation.

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Tapioca Starches Applications

Tapioca starch works well in a variety of formulations and recipes, making it a functional ingredient in the following applications:

  • Pie
  • MeatEttlinger is a tapioca starch supplier. Tapioca Starches can be used in pie, meat, gravies and other applications.
  • Soup Thickener
  • Pudding
  • Gravies
  • Extruded items such as:
    • Snacks
    • Pet treats
    • Wafers
    • Crisps
  • Other industrial applications
    • Molding
    • Adhesives

Benefits of Tapioca Starches


The most obvious benefit of tapioca starch is that it is gluten-free and wheat free. This makes it an appropriate option for people who have gluten intolerances but still want to bake or add thickeners to their recipes.

Bland Taste

Tapioca starch has a bland, neutral taste. This is an advantage when cooking, as adding tapioca starch won’t affect the flavor of a recipe. Because of its neutral taste, tapioca starch can be used in both sweet and salty dishes without a problem. Other gluten-free starches and flour, such as buckwheat flour, potato starch, and some corn starches will change the flavor, color, or texture of dishes. Tapioca starch will not.

Low Protein

Tapioca starch contains no protein, making it a good choice for those trying to cut their protein intake. Most other types of starches and flours contain at least some protein. According to Fine Cooking, low-protein starches are good for cooking soft–rather than crusty or crunchy– bread, cakes, and biscuits.

Consistent Market

The market for Tapioca has been very steady over the years, especially in comparison to other starch markets such as Potato or Rice. The price and supply of Tapioca Starch have been consistent over the years, making it a cost-effective starch option for your unique needs.

Potato Starch Substitute

Tapioca is also a great substitute for Potato Starch. Because of the volatile nature of the Potato Starch market, we see several customers switching over to Tapioca. Many customers feel that Tapioca Starch works better in their formulas in comparison to Potato once the switch is made. Currently, Tapioca is readily available and at a much lower cost than Potato.

As a bulk tapioca starch supplier, we pride ourselves on our qualified sales staff that will do all they can in meeting all our customers’ ingredient needs. We provide exceptional support, dependability, quality service, and flexibility.

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